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8 thoughts on “ Flow My Tears (Original Mix)

  1. Print and download in PDF or MIDI Flow my tears. John Dowland's Flow my tears from Jean Baptiste Besard's Thesaurus Harmonicus. Here titled: Fantasia - Ioannis Dooland a Angli Lacrimae.
  2. 'Flow my tears' Why is 'flow my tears' an example of word painting? it is a descending motif. What else is the phrase 'flow my tears' an example of? a minor 6th leap and a falling 4th. What is the texture? melody dominated homophony. What is the vocal range? a 9th.
  3. Never may my woes be relieved, Since pittie is fled, And teares, and sighes, and grones My wearie days of all joyes have deprived. From the highest spire of contentment, My fortune is throwne, And feare, and griefe, and paine For my deserts, are my hopes since hope is gone. Hark you shadowes that in darnesse dwell, Learn to contemne light.
  4. Dowland Flow My Tears. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. PLAY. Match. Gravity. Created by. EGeorge Terms in this set (8) Background - Published in - Genre: Lute song in the style of a Pavane - Voice (male alto), Lute, Bass Viol - First performance was private and unknown but for a .
  5. It is followed by Flow my tears, one of Dowland 's influential and renowned songs. Cast in pavan form, its famous falling "tear-drop" motif later formed the foundation for his greatest instrumental work, Lacrimae or Seven Teares for viol consort and lute.
  6. John Dowland-Flow my tears. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. PLAY. Match. Gravity. Created by. maisiesmith. Terms in this set (43) What is the Key. A minor. Cadence of section A. Perfect cadence. Cadence of section B. Imperfect cadence. Cadence of .
  7. Tracklist; A1: Flow My Tears (DJ Hal Mix) A2: Flow My Tears (Loes Lee & Don't Panik Mix) B: Flow My Tears (Original Mix)
  8. Flow My Tears (DJ Hal Mix) Flow My Tears (Loes Lee & Don't Panik Mix) Flow My Tears (Original Mix) /5.

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